About me


From the earliest age I have loved trees - their shapes, their textures, the way they stand tall, watching the passage of time, I feel they must be full of stories, full of secrets... So it's no surprise that trees were the first things I painted! In trying to capture their spirit, I found a range of blues to be the most transparent shades, allowing their unique voices to come through.

Hence, the name 'Cerulean Trees'...

Sometimes I am taken by a scene, be it a natural landscape, with a creature, or with architectural features, and feel drawn to paint these too. Living in a rural part of Scotland I am spoilt for inspiration, and can often be found walking with camera in hand, in search of my next painting!

My work can be purchased in the form of cards and prints, direct from this website. Head over to my shop to see what's on offer!

C. E. Rayner X